The Exhibit: Beautifying the Barrio in Juarez

June 19th, 2010 by mmlindsey

The Exhibit: Beautifying the Barrio in Juarez


July 1 through Aug. 30th, Mon. – Thurs. 8am to 7pm, Fridays 8am to 5pm


The Denver Seminary Bridge Gallery (click for directions)

Purchasing the Artwork:

To purchase artwork displayed at the exhibit click here or on the “Donate Now” button below.  All displayed artwork will be available for purchase and all proceeds go to Amigos Ministries. Bring your Amigos Dollars to the reception or to the seminary during normal business hours. Individual pieces of artwork will be priced at $10, $15, and $25.

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

The Video:

Sampling of Artwork for Sale:

Painted Blinds Project: These blinds were reclaimed from the side of the road, were hung on a wall and painted by the kids of Palo Chino. They have been cut, matted, and have a twine hanger.

Treasures: Students collected trash and threw it in a blender then pressed the material into molds. Marbles, bottlecaps, seeds, hang inside.


Tarpaper Paintings: A roll of unusued Tarpaper was rolled out on the floor. A great way to get kids to play with color. These are matted in several sizes.

Collages and Blinds

Collages: When there isn't much to do after dinner, this is what you do - Make Collages. Above, another example from the blinds project.

Paper Treasure Ornaments

Treasures #2 - Another Example from the treasures project.

Press Release:
Littleton, CO, June 18, 2010 – In May 2010, two artists, an instructor and seven students from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) braved a trip to Juarez, Mexico, where recent violence has driven out many other missionaries and visitors. They joined Amigos Ministries and hundreds of children from a local school to spend a week cleaning up the ruined streets and making art.

“The students from RMCAD deepened our hope and vision for this neighborhood,” said Matt Lindsey of Amigos Ministries. “Their courage to stand with us in Juarez, undaunted by the fear that so many others have surrendered to, has made a bold an electrifying statement.”

Amigos Ministries ( helps “build relationships across the border.” One of the services they offer in Palo Chino, Juarez, includes operating a kitchen to feed several hundred meals a day to the elementary school students who participated in the art project with the group from RMCAD.

“Creativity is paramount in these dark times,” said Misty Lindsey, also of Amigos Ministries. “Those who have been handed an identity of poverty, desperation and hopelessness are trading it in for one of opportunity, life and promise.”

The work of these promising students did not end in Juarez, however. The students and artists collected some of the trash and debris left by gangs to create art for a unique exhibition at Denver Seminary’s Bridge Gallery. Beautifying the Barrio in Jaurez runs July 1 through August 31, in conjunction with Denver’s Inaugural Biennial. The exhibition includes photographs, art created by the children in Juarez and art created by the students and artists from RMCAD. An opening is scheduled for Thursday, July 1st from 4-8pm at the Bridge Gallery, located in the Simpson Leadership Building on Denver Seminary’s Campus, 6399 S Santa Fe Dr in Littleton.

Visitors who desire more information or who would like the opportunity to acquire any of the artwork to support Amigos Ministries are encouraged to visit to view the art and a video and to purchase “Amigos Dollars” which can be used to support the ministry and purchase art from the exhibition.

Artists exhibiting work in the Beautifying the Barrio in Jaurez exhibit include Sandy Ceas, curator for Bridge Gallery and teacher at RMCAD; Nikki Pike, instructor at RMCAD; Isaac Karner, artist; seven students from RMCAD; and several elementary aged children from Juarez. Additional information about the exhibit can also be found on Denver Seminary’s website at

About Denver Seminary – Denver Seminary prepares men and women to engage the needs of the world through the redemptive power of the gospel and the life changing truth of Scripture. Founded in 1950, Denver Seminary is an interdenominational, evangelical graduate seminary serving men and women from around the world. In its 60 year history, the seminary has gained the reputation as one of the top 20 schools in size among accredited, graduate-level seminaries in the U.S. and Canada and is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Currently, nearly 1000 students are enrolled in the seminary’s Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Ministry degree programs. For more information about Denver Seminary, please visit

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  1. Becca Pirwitz
    00:47 on June 20th, 2010

    this video is so amazing, matt and misty! it’s neat seeing what you all were up to, aside from still photos. isaac just recently showed me your blog and i’m addicted! i have been moved. your hearts are so open and filled with faith. juarez is lucky to have Amigos!
    can’t wait to hang out again!

  2. MODsquad
    16:26 on June 20th, 2010

    Awesome! This video is fantastic! We are so looking forward to the opening!

  3. isaac
    18:41 on June 23rd, 2010

    Holy cow! I love Aaron even more! Thanks for the video. It makes me miss everyone and Juarez. See you all SOON!

  4. Sandy Ceas
    14:05 on June 24th, 2010

    And the “beat” goes on!
    Tell everyone you know to come and see the show.
    The spirit is high and the art is crying for a home.
    All proceeds go to Amigos Ministry.

  5. Kim Meeker
    17:39 on June 28th, 2010

    This is AMAZING!! I am so excited to come see the art. And watching the video birthed in me hope to see much more beauty come from Juarez in years to come.

  6. Erik Hall
    08:08 on July 3rd, 2010

    Matt and Misty,

    It was great to meet you at the gallery opening! May God bless you with clear direction and sufficient funding for all you are doing in Juarez. :)

    Attached is the link to my blog that you asked to see. Without having to scroll through the whole thing to see the visual art, click on an image in the little slideshow and you will get a picassa gallery.


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